Games in Progress?

How do I find the listing of games in progress? I enjoy watching games that I have but have not played yet, or am currently learning how to play. It was easy to find until Sep. 1, 2021 site upgrade, but now I don’t see how. Please help.

Do you see a link like this one?


That’s a link for the category. Click that.

I see it in the forum, with 52 games in progress topics. What I am looking for is the display where I can see what games are currently being played, right now, and who is playing them. What keystrokes will get me from the vassal homepage to that page?

That’s a completely different thing: the server status. There’s a link to that labeled “Status” at the bottom of the front page.

Thank you, Joel. That link was exactly what I was looking for. Problem solved.

Thanks, I had the same question :slight_smile: