Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic

I finally decided to release the first version of the rules and VASSAL module for my hexgrid adaptation of Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic (BFG). Alternate Battlefleet Gothic (ABG) as released today, contains everything you need to play but is still missing the Tyranid and Tau fleets and the Campaign rules.

ABG has all the ships and units from BFG and Armada, plus some extra Eldar Craftworld ships and rules.

The ship data cards (SDC) in the VASSAL module are fully interactive, with buttons to increase and decrease hit point, shields and leadership values, and interactive torpedo ammunition entries! Record keeping is made easy by using the SDC's as placeholders for various ship's condition markers and uprgrades. The module features 2 space maps (vertical and horizontal) and a low orbit map for planetary assaults!

The module and rules will be re-released when I finish working on the Tyranid and Tau fleets.