Anyone up for a weekly GBACW game using Discord? Wednesday evening, 630 EST until…? Twin Peaks, Death Valley or Into the Woods. I am new, one game under my belt but want to play and learn this game a lot more.


Looks like I have some free nights for the next few weeks. Reply here and we’ll sort out the details.
I have played a few of the scenarios and have most of the system.



Thanks for reaching out.

Two games under my belt now. Both the games were “Race to the Wall” from DV. I have learned a lot but still feel like I have been drinking from a firehose of rules. For my sanity, I think something from the 1862 DV Battle Book would be best for me.

I am free Sunday evening through the rest of this week. Eastern Standard Time as I am in Virginia.

What are your thoughts on what and when?



Glad to meet you as well!

I can do Tuesday evening (after 6 PM EST) or Wednesdays. Friday could work as well.

Let’s work out the details off-list. Drop me an email at : mitch dot lake at gmail dot com


if anyone is interested in PBEM with one of the older GBACW games, please contact me.