GBACW - Three Days of Gettysburg (3rd Ed.)

I’m playing a solo game of Three Days of Gettysburg. I just updated to the v3.7.6, and since that time, I’ve been unable to manipulate Union chits. When I Retire, I am only given options of Confederate or Observer, and neither allows me to flip EM’s or AM’s for the USA. I had no issues with this before installing the new version.

FYI, I had refreshed and tried a shutdown. Not a big deal ATM. Since it’s solo, I’m just putting the markers from the game into a cup and pulling manually (I’m already rolling the dice since it seems the randomizer loves rolling ones ;^) )

Have you used 2 or more computers during the play of your solo game? This could be module password related, the version of VASSAL won’t be material to what’s going on here–just have to get to the bottom of all the details surrounding your situation.

It can also be a problem if you have a blank module password. Open the module, go to File → Preferences → Personal tab and check and see if in fact you have a module password set.

EDIT: Having looked at the actual module in question, I’m less sure now that this is module password related. The combination of the defined player sides list and the settings on the Mask trait for the pieces you reference is strange. Like every module, you can always choose <observer>, which is meant to be the state of not being in a player side at all. But this module also has a defined side called >observer< (notice the carets are reversed)–and that player side is not listed among those in the Mask trait eligible to mask the pieces. So if it’s this >observer< side that you chose, that’s why it can’t do masking, and Confederates cannot mask the Union chits because it also isn’t listed as a side that can do it.

No, I haven’t used another PW, although it looks like you’ve ruled that out. I’ll wait and see if anyone else has ideas. I’m not sure who last posted this module, but I can always check with Allen Dickerson.


The thing I’d want to verify is which of <observer> or >observer< did you choose–the difference will matter in this case. Only the former will allow you to mask the identified pieces.

Thanks, Joel…

Yeah, I hadn’t noticed the carat facing, but that does take care of it. The odd thing is that prior to installing the new version, I was able to also select the Union player. While this isn’t necessary, I’m just wondering what might have happened.

I’m pretty new to Vassal. I’ve only picked it up because I’d gotten frustrated with ACW games available for PC play.

Thanks again,

Depends on when exactly this selection occurred. Upon starting a game–when no player sides have yet been selected–Union should show as a choice. Once you occupy the Union side and use the retire feature, it won’t show Union as a choice, because you’re already in it and are opting to choose a different one.

If you are verifiably not already in the Union side and don’t see it as a choice when retiring, that would be pretty unusual and would implicate the presence of another player password (whether someone else’s or a different password from a single player bouncing between 2 computers where passwords differ)–but you said it’s just you on 1 computer so I wouldn’t immediately have an explanation for this.

Your second paragraph covers my situation. I can be in Observer or Confederates and Union won’t show.

In any event, I can play the game as it is now that I’m aware that I have to be careful which I must pick.

Thanks for your help

Another possible explanation is that a predefined setup in the module was saved while the creator was occupying the Union side, and it’s their password that’s locking the Union player side.