GBACW - Twin Peaks (Cedar Mtn)

In the Cedar Mountain module (1400 Start), I am trying to use Extended Lines. Yes, I know that there are the Large Regiment (Battalion) units available, but I like the option of using extended lines. Fire can be combined within the regiment when using Extended Lines, not so with the battalion markers.

But, with the Union Ext. Line markers, there is an issue when rotating the facing of boththe left and right extensions…

I’m not really sure how to describe it; that’s why I attached the photo. Is it me, or is anyone else seeing this problem?

Everyone using this module will experience the same. This is a piece configuration issue–specifically, a Can Rotate trait in the wrong order relative to a Layer trait (the Layer is lower in the list than the Can Rotate trait contained in the piece prototype). To get it to display correctly when the Layer is activated and the piece is rotated, these 2 traits need to have their order reversed.