GCACW, Afrika II, Lock-n-Load Band of Heroes

Looking for opponents for live play (preferably) of Battle Above the Clouds, On to Richmond, or Stonewall’s Last Battle, as well as SCS Afrika II and Lock-and-Load Band of Heroes. Email markacres@comcast.net. Willing to learn Unhappy King Charles, but haven’t actually played it yet.

I’m interested in any of the GCACW games, or any of the Lock-N-Load games. There are a couple of drawbacks, however.

I’m pretty much PBEM only.

I havent’ played any of the games, so i’ll need a bit of time to read rulebooks and learn them.
I don’t own any of the rulebooks, so i’ll need to find them first in order to read them.

IF this is cool, lets see what we can do to find some rules and get me up to speed.
If not, no big deal.



If you haven’t yet gotten a game going, or want another one, I’m ready for PBEM using ADCII, CyberBoard, or Vassal. I have all the GCACW series, so it’s your choice. All I ask is, if you want a campaign game, that you allow a bit of time to go through the specific game advanced rules. Sorry, I can’t typically do live, but maybe once in a while my schedule will allow it.