GCACW; LOB; Dead of Winter; Champion Hill; etc.

Hey, I’m looking for a Great Campaigns, Line of Battle, Dead of Winter, Champion Hill or similar.

I’m primarily interested in ACW tacticalish right now but would consider another scope or time period.



I am interested in LoB but I have to declare that I’m a noob on this. I have South Mountain and have ordered To take Washington - but strictly speaking haven’t played either of them - so I guess what I am saying is - if you are up for teaching great - if not no worries.

I currently play BCS and OCS on vassal so I do have game commitments - but that’s also means I do return files and will stick with - although as a noob I would probably suggest best to start with a scenario to get me up and running - and feel free (naturally) to take on a more established player if that suits you better - again the scenario will probably give me an idea of how committed I can be going forward. I would suggest I will return steadily but perhaps not always fast.

Im in the UK - so its pbem If its a go…

All the best on getting sorted.


I’m new to LOB myself. Just started first scenario last night. I found an opponent very quickly after I advertised on boardgamegeek.

Good luck!