GCACW modules


I have problems opening my GCACW VASSAL modules.
I always get the message that the file I am trying to open isn’t a VASSAL module.
I am working with VASSAL 3.1.0-svn4833.

Are the GCACW modules outdated for this version of VASSAL or is there an other problem (I recently changed to Windows Vista, can this be the cause of the problem?)

Thanks already!


Thus spake “Danny Peeters”:

What file are you trying to open? Where did it come from?


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I am trying to open the Grant takes Command module with the Grant file


I think my problem is solved. If I download the module files from VASSAL again and overwrite my old files then the message doesn’t appear anymore and the module loads without any problems. So probably my module files are outdated (although the files I downloaded are exactly the same size as those which I have on my cpu).