Get paid to create my favourite card game!

Hello Game Developers

I am not a developer myself but I am looking for someone to develop an app/website for me to play my favourite playing card game with my friends online.

It is an obscure game originating from Poland and can’t be found on any website, so I’ll have to pay someone to make it for me I guess - anybody interested?

It is a trumps based trick winning card game called ‘Miz’ for 3 players. It involves each player taking turns to play one of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, No Trumps, or ‘Miz’ (where you need to lose tricks) and a ‘blind’ round where you pick a suit before looking at your hand. Each player must play all 7 options through the course of the game and each option can be chosen only once, and all options must be played - so a total of 21 rounds (this game takes about 2 hours to play!) In each round the dealer’s target is to win 8 tricks, the player to the left 5, and the last position 0. Each player scores plus or minus their target score however many tricks they actually win. Each player is dealt 13 cards. The dealer gets to swap as many cards as they like from the spare hand once they have decided which of the 7 options to play from their hand. The player to left may swap any remaining, and the last positioned player any they leave.

So who is interested and how much will it cost to get this made either as a website, phone app or both? I would prefer it to have the functionality for me to vary options for the game (i.e. replace ‘blind’ round with a second ‘miz’ round or amend the target number of tricks to win for each player etc.)

I look forward to your responses.

Thanks, Peter

So you need a standard card deck, and 3 counters, one for each player?

The standard card deck is available at:

just adding 3 counters, sounds like around 5 minutes work.

Maybe add 3 teams and 3 private hands?
Maybe add a board and put on areas for deck and discard pile.
So maybe 15 minutes?