Getting back in; looking for an opponent

I’ve been out of gaming for about a year, and I am looking for an opponent. I am particularly interested in learning something new, including (but not limited to) any of the following:

–Great Campaigns of the Civil War
–Here I Stand and/or Virgin Queen
–Next War

I own the following games:

–2nd Fleet
–5th Fleet
–VG The Civil War
–A lot of the old ASL stuff (pre starter kit)
I am also planning on purchasing GMT’s Dead of Winter.

I have recent experience playing the following games:

–The US Civil War
–Guns of August
–Men of Iron series

In truth, I am willing to play almost any military- or political-themed game. I prefer to play on VASSAL with Skype.



I’ve been looking for skype play of russian campaign. would you be interested in it?
contact me.

I can vouch for wiztac

Solid opponent he crushed me in Russian Campaign :slight_smile:

are you interested in PBEM games?

If you would consider PBEM, I would be interested in VG American Civil War and/or Guns of August.

Hi Brian,
I’ve just joined VAssal. I’m looking to play more wargames. My favorite is Europe Engulfed. I recently played w1815 and loved it I’ve played Virgin Queen and Here I stand. I like to play them more, but I believe Virgin needs 6 players…
I recently started learning Cataclysm, a good 2-player game. Love to do some Asia Engulfed, and learn / try a civil war, russia campaign… though I shy away from pure hex-encounter tactical games…

What’s your thoughts?