Getting Help and Raising Bug Reports

Reporting a Bug (the easy way)

If you have a bug, problem, or suggestion you’d like to talk about, you can find us in several ways:

When Vassal ‘crashes’ and reports a bug

Occasionally VASSAL will report that it has encountered an internal error (e.g. “Eek! A Bug!” or “YOU can help!”). If you are using a current version of VASSAL at the time, a dialog box will open in which you can report the bug to us directly.

It is especially useful if you can provide a description of what you were doing at the time, and even more useful if you can give us step by step instructions to reproduce the problem and an email address we can use to contact you.

Also, if the module you are using is not a version hosted on our website, we will usually need a copy of it in order to debug the problem – you can send us a dropbox link for example. Likewise if a save file or log file is needed to demonstrate the problem, please send us that too.

We track all of the bugs reported in VASSAL on Github here: Issues · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub So once you have submitted your report it should appear at the top of the list. One way to supplement your bug report is to find your issue and use the comments field to add additional information (including links to files).

Example of clear “repro steps”:

  1. Start VASSAL 3.5.8
  2. Load the Paths_Of_Glory_10.4.vmod module.
  3. Start a game, selecting Deluxe map and Solitaire
  4. Click to select the French 5th Army in Sedan.
  5. Press Ctrl+F to flip the counter Expected: Counter flips over Actual: Error dialog box
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