Getting Started with Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

I’m new to vassal and can’t figure out how to get going. I downloaded Vassal and the newest x-wing module. I tried to follow instructions posted, but got stuck on autospawning because there isn’t a “Spawn Squad” button on the map.
I can see how to join other people’s games, but I’d really like to load this and just play around on my own for a while before I waste everyone else’s time.


Please and thank you. (My 10-year old just reminded me to say…)

Hi, I maintain the module. You did miss this link in the download page, which is a step by step guide that I wrote for X-Wing on vassal:

The autospawn for squads is now located in the player windows. That’s where the stuff has to go anyway, so it removes one big drag and drop step. Also, it prevents observers from grief-spawning garbage on the map.

I bought a domain name and moved my guide to: