Getting Vassal on a USB Stick?

Hey, I was wodnering if anyone knows how to put Vassal on a USB stick. It would increase enjoyment if I could play vassal anywhere.

I bet you could do it. You’d have to first install Java onto the USB stick. Then put the VASSAL manual installation on. Edit the VASSAL.bat/sh file and change the ‘java’ command to point to the USB stick’s Java installation.


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It’s been done actually. Do a search in the forum archives. You can even put Java on the stick for those odd computers that don’t have it.

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2008/9/22 Rodney Kinney < (>

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Here you can find the Forum Archive Subject.

Followed Soft-Bugs instructions and figured it out.


Also, if you bundle both of those up in a .rar, you could make a nice bundle for windows users to play vassal.