In a recent play of the "Gettysburg 88’ module 3.1b01 I noticed two things.

1.) There is no turn record marker in the module

2.) The Combat Results Table is wrong regarding the ‘tie’ or ‘0’ result. The table indicates that the result is ‘NE’ or nothing happens.

This is incorrect as ties go to defender and the attacker must retreat.

Just thought I would let the community know.

  1. You keep track of the turns with the Turn button in the toolbar to open the turn tracker floater.

Sorry, I can’t find it. Where is it exactly on the tool bar? What does it look like? It sure seems to be well hidden.

When loaded one of the scenarios it looks like an hourglass, 13th from the left.

Duh! Thanks got it. Never seemed to notice it when I scrolled over.