Gettysburg'64 v1.0 Module Update

What’s new in Gettysburg’64 v1.0:

  • Play it as boxed or tweak to your heart’s content
  • Sandbox - Virtually every element can now be changed in-game
    • Players without Vassal design knowledge can make their own version of Gettysburg’64
    • Robust messaging shows highlighted warning when change is made in-game
  • Terrain Overlay (transparent) can be used to clarify terrain status of map squares
    • This feature addresses an oft-criticized aspect of Gettysburg’64
  • Combat Results Table cells can be modified in-game
  • Units of all types can be created and changed
    • Commander names can be changed in-game
    • Unit size can be changed in-game
    • Combat/Movement values can be changed in-game
    • Units can accommodate up to three values if desired
  • Order Of Arrival Charts can be changed in-game
  • Stylized pointers/notes available for each board
  • much more

This module has been updated to correct all the starting unit size symbology.