GHK/GKC - different behavior if map is open/closed

Vassal 3.5.8/3.6 beta1/3.6 beta2

  1. A GHK (“A”) is defined in the turn counter to trigger on turn advance.
  2. A GKC (menu button) is defined to map the GHK to a GKC (“B”) on a secondary (i.e., not main map)

When the turn is advanced the GKC effect depends on whether the map is open or closed:

  1. Map closed - GKC does NOT trigger
  2. Map open - GKC DOES trigger

I would have preferred to be able to directly define a GKC for the Turn Counter, but given that Vassal doesn’t support that, I used the GHK and GHK-to-GKC map approach…

So is this a bug or is this “expected behavior” (it sure feels like a bug…)???

It creates a significant problem for my module, as the results depend on what a player has open (or not), which the module can’t control…

This behavior can be demonstrated using the Europe Engulfed 3.0 module.

  1. Start New Game - 1939 Playbook
  2. Open NP Track Map Window
  3. Click “Toggle NP auto-track” (leave NP track window open)
  4. Advance Turn to Axis Nov-Dec 1939
  5. The ND39 info correctly populates in the NP track window
  6. Close the NP track window
  7. Advance Turn to Axis Jan-Feb 1940
  8. Re-open the NP track window
  9. The JF40 info has NOT populated in the NP track window

Go to Global Options in the Editor tree. Double-click (or right-click and select Properties). The 5th entry down is “Toolbars on Closed Map Windows Accept Hotkeys”: set it to Always.

This option was added recently; I’m not sure which version exactly, but it’s there in 3.6 Beta 1, at least.

Thanks much, this option wasn’t in 3.5.8…

I’ll add this once 3.6 goes live…