Ghost Stories Play-by-Email

Two players looking for one or two extra players for Ghost Stories.

The other player has played Ghost Stories before through Vassal. I’m familiar with Arkham Horror on Vassal, but am completely new to Ghost Stories. We’re happy to help someone else completely new get started playing – no barrier to entry!

Based on our Arkham Horror games, we’re playing about a turn a day, but with no real pressure if you need to take a day or two off. Timezone not an issue, although I’m in the UK. PM me if you’re interested.

I’d be interested in this.

I’d be up for this also

Hello!!! Never played before, but interested in joining!

At this point it doesn’t look like the origional poster is still around so lets say we’ve currently got 3 people interested in a game and need a fourth.

Sorry all. I didn’t get notifications of replies to the forum, so I only found out about this when a friend pointed it out to me.

I’ve just set up a four-player game with people who contacted me by private message, but I’d be happy to join in as your fourth player as well. :slight_smile: