Ghost Stories

I’ve never really played on here before and have never played ghost stories. Is there a walk through or tutorial on how this works with Vassal?

I haven’t gotten around to writing a ‘readme’ file yet.

You can get the rules for Ghost Stories here:

Going along with the rules, you should be able to figure out what to do.

When you start the game, go to the ‘Ghost Deck Setup’ button and select the difficulty level you want (I suggest Initiation). The game will then load the ghost deck as it should be and deal the village tiles. Then you should be good to go.

If you can’t figure something out, I use right-click menus a lot, so you can right-click on it and see if it does anything.

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I would like to thank waddball and LordRaidor for the Ghost Stories module! If there will be a version v1.20 I would like to have the Cemetery tile excluded for the 1 player mode. Thanks in advance!