GKC: Multyplayer problems

I made a huge module, with a lot of decks.
This Decks are located in separate Map Windows (A sort of “Warehouses”) and Players interact with this deck from other Map Windows where are located apropriate GKC to call cards or decks.

Everything works well in off line game but doesn’t work in multiplayer game.

It Seems that:

  • GKC works well (Report action il log are ok) for all on line players
  • Decks send card (execute GCK) if one player activate GKC (it doesn’t work for all players), but not always the same player: “Active” Player changes but I don’t understand HOW or WHEN.

There is a way to fix it?

Exucuse my bad English

Thank you

It would help to see example screenshots of your map windows, Deck setup and GKCs

Are you using Global Hotkeys within this design?

There is a module setting in Global Options, for which the default is to ignore Global Hotkeys if the map window is closed. Could that explain your issues?

No Global Hotkey involved.

Global Option

This Chian of Command is often broken as told above

1)action button to click WHERE I want a carD

  1. Trigger Action for 1) I take a card and after I recount Cards in the desks

  2. This is the GKC Invoked:
    3 gkc

  3. this is how cards in “MitiDeck” receive GKC
    4 send to lacation

Your Action Button is invoking “AttivaChiediCrtaMito”, but your GKC is looking for “ChiediCartaMito”. There’s a step missing there…

Sorry. This was a mistake Uploading files

Now Post above was edited and Chain Command seems Complete


Map Window 1
(in Red Action Button zone")

MAP Windows 2 (MitiDeck)

That all looks correct. My first suggestion would be to turn off Suppress individual reports on all your GKCs, and then add a Report Action to your cards that triggers on mandaCartaMito, the same as your Send to Location (StL) traits. That will tell you if the problem lies with the GKC (if the report doesn’t trigger, the GKC didn’t fire), or with the StL traits (the command was triggered, but didn’t move the piece as expected).

I should also ask if your cards have any Restrict Commands traits, and if so, how are they set up?

No cards have no Restrict Command

Yesterday I can recreate issue in a single player mode. So it’s sure in NOT a Multiplayer Question.

I Close this post and I open a more specific one for a possible Bug