Global Key Command for face-down Deck Cards


I have a question regarding global key command and face-down cards in a deck.

This is my scenario: I have a window where a player can select his faction to play. This window lists all tokens, card and so on for each faction. Through a right-click command the player can send all the pieces of this faction to the map window. The location of the pieces will be determined by the player id, so that the pieces will be on a different place, if player 2 would choose this faction. I do this through a global key command on one specific game pieces which is below all the gamepieces and represents the factions image. The command will be applied for all gamepieces that have the faction name as a property. This works quite well expect for decks where the cards are masked. They never recieve this command, thus they won’t move. Even when specifying that the command should be apllied to all pieces within a deck.

Is this behaviour intended? If yes, is there some workaround to address cards that are face-down. I would really like to move all of the pieces.

Sounds like a trait order issue–you probably just need to change the placement of your Global Key Command trait on the cards relative to the Mask trait in the list.

Yeah, you’re right, thanks. Didn’t realize the Mask trait would also cancel the key commands. It works, if I put the GKC after the mask. Unfortunately now my prototype hierarchy has to be changed.