Global Key Command is no longer returning all the matching Units in a search on the Text Label content

OS: Windows 11
Memory: 32GB
VASSAL: 3.7.8
Module: Scorched Earth 4.82

I use a Global Command Key on the Module level (on the module tool bar) that searches Text Label on all Units on any map to find all units that match the requested string value in the Text Label (alphanumeric values) and reports their location in the chat window. This use to work perfectly in vassal version 3.7.4 (I believe was the last time I had checked after a new version of Vassal was released). Doing the same search in version 3.7.8 produces 1 or 2 units found with no change in the game coding from version 3.7.4. For example, I would enter an ID search for the ID number “1” (no quotes marks in the ID search). Vassal would return 20+ units that start with the number “1” in its ID. Now under Vassal 3.7.8, it only returns 2 Units with an ID starting with “1” with all the same units on the map with the same ID values. Also, under 3.7.8, it will not even report any alpha IDs although before the new version 3.7.8 it did report alpha searches on the IDs. Thanks! Jim.

What’s the last version of Vassal where this works for you? (I see you said you tried 3.7.4, but there are several versions between that and 3.7.8.)

Actually, I just found the problem. I had added a 2nd Text label trait below the Text label trait I was searching for, and both had the same “Property name” at the bottom of the trait. When I removed the identical “Property name” of the 2nd Text label, everything went back to working properly as it had been before. (I’m such a bonehead!) Sorry for wasting your time, but thanks for responding as quickly as you did! Jim.

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