Global Key Command

Ok. Creating SkipBo to play long distance with my daughter. I’ve got everything done, just having an issue understanding how to do 1 thing. I have 4 building stacks in the middle of the table. The object of the game is to place your cards on the building stacks in order from 1-12. Well, once a stack is complete (has cards 1-12) I want issue a Global Key Command to discard all the cards in that stack (instead of doing each manually). I created stacks instead of decks because I wanted to be able to use the Stack Mouse Over option to see all the cards in that stack (to make sure no one is cheating and skipping cards). I have a map zone called “Building Stack 1” where the stack is situated. I thought I could create a Global Key Command and have the button send the discard key command to all items that have a LocationName of “Building Stack 1”. So I have this:

Global Key Command:
Description: Send Building 1 to Discard
Key Command: CTRL Z (I have this on the individual cards as a Discard command)
Matching properties: {GetProperty(LocationName)==“Building Pile 1”}
Within a Deck, apply to: All pieces
Button Text: Send B1
Button Icon:
Hotkey: ALT CTRL Z

So, what am I doing wrong?

Try changing matching properties to

CurrentMap = (map the deck is on) && CurrentZone = Building Pile 1

Don’t use any brackets.

Thank you! Only really needed CurrentZone, but that worked.