Global Property Key Command Type "Restrict Range"

I’ve tried to use the GKC with restrict range set to 7 on a hex grid. The map is setup as a single jpg map divided into a number of adjacent but non-overlapping zones. When I use the restrict range and fixed range set to 7, a piece is not recognizing the target unit if it is in a different zone, even if next to the target unit. When moved in to the same zone, it functions as it is suppose to. The Select by is “Specific Location”, with Main Map as the map and a Hex address as the Location.

When I use distance in pixels by removing “Fixed Distance” and put a variable with 479 (pixels distance of 7 hexes), I end up with the same result. If I am in a different zone than the target, the GKC is not fired not matter how close to the target. When in the same zone, it functions as it is suppose to and the GKC fires.

How do I get around this and have the target recognized no matter what zone it is in? (I did not search by zone because the target was being recognized when in the same zone as I accidently found out).

Thanks, Jim.

The ‘Range’ in a Global Key Command is calculated based on the range reported by the Grid on the map in question. What sort of grid is defined? A Hex grid will return a range in hexes. Other types will generally return a range in pixels.

I am using a Hex grid in each of the Zones. I tried using the range in hex grids set to 7 and still ran into the problem that as soon as the piece was not in the same zone, it would not recognize it. I found that if I removed the distance, it had no problem of finding it. The problem is I want a unit placed one any other unit comes within 7 of its location. I tried using pixels but had the same problem. As soon as the unit was in a different Zone, it was not able to see that it was within the 7 hex range (or in this case the pixel range).

My work around is I placed in each Zone adjacent to the target location a dummy unit that extended to distance from the target Zone. So, if the adjacent Zone was 2 hexes away, I would put a dummy unit at the edge of the new Zone and use a global key to perform the action in the target Zone. The problem with this solution is it has considerably slowed down my game as I move from one phase to the next while the GKC looks for the dummy units.

I found that the LOS string can count the number of hexes across zones, but the GKC range function cannot! What’s with that? Jim.