Gloomhaven 5 player module

The final cut of the Gloomhaven 5 player module is now live on Vassal.

This is the full game module for 1 to 5 players based on the original work by Gattsu.

This version now includes (almost) all the updates and improvements introduced by Gatsu to the 4 player module. Unfortunately, due to some parallel development, there are some functions of Gattsu’s original that are not available in the 5 player module, and vice versa.
While this is unfortunate, people do now have the choice of two different implementations of the game to choose from for their group.

A huge thank-you to Gattsu for not only allowing me to create the 5 player variant alongside the original module, but also for supporting me with uploading the module. Another big thank-you to my group of players, who encouraged me to publish this variant and continue ironing out the bugs and implementing improvements. Without their support and encouragement, you wouldn’t have access to this module that has kept my group and I sane through this lockdown.

Feel free to post any bugs and issues here, and I will resolve them if I can. However, the published V4.0 of the module is what I now consider the final release.

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I’m just happy that the final cut is now out there and available for other groups to enjoy.

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