Gloomhaven problem with 4 players

Hi, i’m having an issue with the Gloomhaven mod. Player 2 and player 4, can’t use the button to see theirs hand, but player 1 and 3 can do it normally. Have you any solution?

Hi Barza,

we just ran into the same problem and the following seems to have worked for us:

  • Right click on Gloomhaven (when you’re not in a game) and select Edit Module
  • Find P2 Hand in the list of game objects, right click and select properties
  • At the top, it should have the owner of P2 Hand, and it will just have “Solo” in that box
  • Add “Player 2” as an owner
  • Do the same thing with P4 Hand and “Player 4”
  • Save the module.

Best wishes,