Gloomhaven Random Dungeon

first i want to say, that the glomhaven module is great!
I tried to play a random dungeon in solo mode. therefore i put the Tiles and Token(a trap) from the “dungeon setup” Window to the “dungeon board” window. the tiles or the tokens are no longer movable after clicking the next object. It is also not possible to delete a token or a tile. This happens only to the “tiles” and the Tokens from “Token”. Enemy tokens for example behave as i would expect it.
Am i doing something wrong?

best regards


Yes the tiles and tokens are only moveable when selected. You can select them if you hold the shift key.
This prevents uncontrolled movement of the board.


Hallo Gattsu,

thank you very much for the solution of my problem!!

I tried to find out the reason for the different behavior of the “Token”-Pieces and the “Enemy Token” by editing the module.
But i didnt find anything. Maybe you could give me a hint why these pieces behave different in this way.

Best regards

Well enemy have other traits than token. If you would like to change something for the token/tiles you find the traits in the corresponding prototypes.
Hope this helps