GMT GBACW: How to randomize AM marker draws?

Is there a command to draw Activation Markers randomly and have each selection added to the log file?

I figured out how to put the proper AMs in the cups, but it seems like you have to place them in the drawn box manually… that wouldn’t seem to make sense…

Little help here? Thanks in advance.

And a second question: what’s the quickest way to change the stacking order, and how to move just ONE unit in a stack, and not all of them?

After double-clicking a stack to expand its contents, for any selected item or items within the stack, use the arrow keys:

Up arrow: to the top of the stack
Down arrow: to the bottom of the stack
Left arrow: nudge down one position
Right arrow: nudge up one position

Thanks!!! I believe I also got the answer to the first question on the Facebook Vassal page!