GMT's Battles of the American Revolution

I have this series Volumes I - VII but sadly haven’t played any of them. Looking for a friendly match in any one of these games, Vassal or pbem. I’m a rookie with this series but have many decades of wargaming experience.

I’d do a VASSAL pmem game. I am in the same situation as you. Played for decades but not these games. I have the 3 pack which consists of Saratoga, Brandywine and Gilford. If you wanted to play something else you’d have to get me those rule specifics. Let me know. John

That’s awesome! I also have the 3 pack. I’ll recommend Guilford as it appears to be the easiest in terms of additional rules. You can pick the side. If we like it, we can play a second game switching sides. You can email me direct at I’ll start reading the rules. Thanks!

Ill play BOAR - shoot me an email at - we can set up on VASSAL.