GMT's SPQR Deluxe: what am I missing?

I have the latest module for GMT’s SPQR Deluxe. Module loads fine and any of the five scenarios can be loaded. However…

There is another file at GMT for 37 battles covering SPQR add-ons (mods and C3i articles). When the SPQR Deluxe VASSAL mod is loaded, there doesn’t seem to be any way to load any of these other battles.

What did I miss?

You need to right click on the GBOH entry in the VASSAL window and add the the file from GMT as an extension. Then start the regular mod.

I believe,


Thanks for the help, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

In the main VASSAL window I rt-click the name of the SPQR module (I did it for the new Deluxe 1.0 as well as that older 2.5) and when I choose one of the 30+ scenarios from the scenario download from the GMT site as an " Add Extension," I get the message “not a valid extension.”

While I was unable to add the additional scenarios as extentions, the most recent version of the module 2.5 at GMT’s site, when loaded, has the opportunity to select any of the battles from the start.

The opening screen for the module is unlike any I’ve ever seen, without the chance to choose a side, and no buttons to advance until the scenario loads. Weird.

The new 2.5 mod does not have the counter “enlrge” feature, where curoring over a stack shows you the entire contents of the stack.

Since you can’t log in as a “side” I wonder if the module is there simply to allow you to see what the scenarios look like when set up.

Hopefully, an improved module with all the additional scenarios will be available one day.

I’m still stuck.
I have S.P.Q.R and SPQR modules. Neither of which appear to work with the map files from GMT site Once in a map or alog file I get this error:
SPQR version 2.5

  • Bad Data in Module: LC GrkMrc 1 [Basic Piece] - Map not found mapId=Main Map
  • Bad Data in Module: Pyrrhus [Basic Piece] - Map not found mapId=Off Map Holding Box
  • Bad Data in Module: Could not find map Off Map Holding Box
  • Bad Data in Module: Could not find map Main Map
  • Bad Data in Module: Could not find map Player Aid Display

buy the way i got all this sorted thanks for the help!

Try this version: