GMT's Stalingrad 42

Looking for a Vassal PBEM opponent for Stalingrad 42. Campaign Game. Advanced rules. ACTS die roller. Happy to play either side. I am in Australia but that won’t matter too much since it’s a PBEM.

However I am looking for player who knows the rules. You will have played the game at least once or twice. Also would like the game to progress at a reasonable rate.

After a few false starts can you please only reply if you actually know how to play this game. I don’t have the time to constantly be correcting moves or teaching you how to play. I have the time to play. I don’t have the time to teach. I am seeking an intelligent, dedicated player who enjoys a challenging, friendly and engaging opponent.

Opponent found. Thanks.

I’ve got a group game going for Stalingrad 42 and any WW2 titles. Can I send you our manual for pbem/Vassal gaming?

I am also looking for an opponent for PBEM. Have not played by Vassal / PBEM but that should not be a problem. I have played maybe 20 times or so. A half dozen against a live opponent.

Are you still looking for an opponent Amusielewicz? I prefer LIVE if you don’t mind - It helps me learn :slight_smile:
Email me if you are interested and we can get together on discord