Goa 2nd ed. - anyone interested?

I’m making second edition of Goa (of Rüdiger Dorn) on Vassal. Is anyone interested to play it online? Beta testers needed 8)

p.s. I’m waiting for permission from game designer and publishers to place it officially on Vassal, but still no answer… It do mean Yes, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

I wanted to raise my hand… but then I read there are plantations involved… (runs away screaming)

Well, all this plantations, ships and spices are just addition to game mechanics. There is an old chinese saying “Forget about role-playing dude, it’s f*n’ eurogame!”
Furthermore Z-Man Games did not allow me to publish it, regarding some crazy new electronic rights policies :imp: Maybe some powerful member of vassal community could influence a little on them to change their mind? Afterall we have some of their games on vassal and other game sites… (i.e. Merchants&Marauders)
Otherwise I’ll still be playing it only with me and myself… it makes me a saaad panda…