Good Lite-Wargame

Hello All
This is just a general inquiry. I have been playing Memoir '44 on Vassal for the past few months and have been having a blast. However I’d like a bit more.

Things I like:
1.) Short scope (20 turns or takes less than a month for PBEM)
2.) Relatively easy rules. You don’t have to worry about supply lines, etc.
3.) Fun topic

Things I don’t like that much:
1.) The card system works but I’d rather move all of my troops and plan ahead
2.) No re-enforcements

Is there anything else out there that people are playing? I have looked at a lot and am very interested. If it takes hours to make my moves or cannot be played over email I’m not that interested.

So basically something between Memoir '44 and Axis and Allies.


Perhaps DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) is the game for you. If you are interested in ancient and medieval warfare.

There is a interesting topic on BGG which compares DBA (which is in reality a miniature tabletop wargame) to Command&Colors:Ancient (which is, as you might know the ancient version of Memoir '44).

It has the things you like: short game length (real games last around 45 minutes) and rules easy to learn but difficult to master.
And, careful planning ahead is rewarded.
Reinforcements are included in the fantasy variant, Hordes of the Things (there is not yet a module for that, but you could play with the DBA module)

In the case you like the topic, just give it a chance.
It is on the modules page under “De Bellis Vassalus”.

As I’m now one of the contributors, you could ask me all questions regarding the module that might arise.

Napoleon’s Last Battles quad is a classic.
Very very simple but the campaign game that combines the four quads requires a lot of planning plus it can be played two-player or multi-player.
“Simple to learn, difficult to master”
It has I think about 35 or so turns covering 3-4 days? But because of the simple mechanics goes very fast - FtF you can play in a single weekend sitting.
And I am almost certain it can be found on ebay.

But with that many turns I do not know if it would take longer than what you are looking for PBEM.

EDIT - HexWars has this one, though sadly it appears without the common house rules. But at any rate not likely to see the light of this forum any time soon.

This game might be a good step once you’ve mastered Memoir, etc.

Check out

for more info.