PBEM is ON !!! All i needed to do was hit the “advance” button on the dialog box after it showed vlog was loaded !! Players moves and text entries come right up after that… … hours spent ! lol NOW LETS GET IT ON !!

pg dwn works also if the cursor is in the text box.

PBEM is great, now people just need to know your interests for gaming. :smiley:

Posted Jan 16 : Games i currently have & know how to play : Fields of Despair, Command & Colors Napoleonic s , Labyrinth, Kingdom of Heaven , Clash of Giants civil war , Washingtons War . Currently off work for winter so LET THE GAMES BEGIN ! Also have Athens and Sparta and Triumph and Tragedy plus some of the old AV hill gms - battle of the bulge , d-day , war & peace , russian campaign , russian front but havent played them in a while and would require a refresher .

Hey Patton’s Best I have the room set up and saved for FoD. Let me know when you want to play. Sorry I got a bit side tracked-work during the week. Thanks.