GPIW Refresh hotkey causes view to reset

The v3.6 feature that allows a GPIW to be Refreshed using a hotkey has the side-effect of closing a folder that changes. Wouldn’t it be better for the user if the state was preserved?

For example, take this display before the Refresh Hotkey:

Now Blue takes an action that should add an item to blue inventory, resulting in :

If closing the folder is a necessary evil, then buttons to open or close all folders would help.

There hasn’t been any change to the actual refresh code, just ability to activate it from other places.

The code contains a note “// Make an attempt to keep the same nodes expanded” which makes me think it’s attempting it but perhaps isn’t 100% accurate?

seems that way; in my example, most nodes kept expanded, but not the one that was changed.

Fixed in PR 11362. This will go out as part of 3.6.7.