Grand Strategy opponent wanted-various games

I’m an experienced vassal wargamer, and looking for opponents.
I am mostly interested in grand strategy games. Federation and Empire and World in Flames are my faves, but perhaps too much for many people. I’m open to suggestions about what game to play.
Would live to try Balance of Powers for instance, but there are many other games I know and would like to play. Send me an email at pabloinbrazil@hotmail dot com if you are interested. I only check these forums infrequently.

World In Flames with all the options is an amazing game I have always wanted to try. I am fairly familiarized with the rules so I am willing to give it a try. It will need patience and commitment, but if we can pull it off

I may be up for joining in a Wif game, subject to which version of the rules you are using and can only play by email, as limited time to play FTf.



If you would like a 3rd player for WiF then I would be keen. It has been awhile since I have played it though but I am familiar with the rules, providing they have not changed too much from the early editions.
However PBEM only as I am in Australia GMT+10.
Cheers Bindusri

If we are 3 we could even play the politics game, it would be amazing

I think the politics might be a stretch as never played it. Which version of the rules would you both want to play, am still deliberating over having time to commit and which sides would you like to play? Cheers. Phil

Last WiF game I played used 3rd Edition rules from memory but am happy to use whatever is the latest version if that is what you guys are familiar with.
Cheers Bindusri