Graphical Errors in Vassal

I’ve got all kinds of strange graphical errors while using Vassal. This happened before I installed version 3.4 and after (the errors changed slightly between versions). Here’s an example of a graphics error I’ve had in the Pendragon module: There are supposed to be more buttons on the top bar, but they disappear for some reason. I had another error where the map repeated on itself in a strange way, but that appears to have subsided.

OS: Win 10
CPU: i9-9900K
Memory: 32 GB
Video: NVIDIA RTX 2080 (Mobile)
Vassal: 3.4.0
Java: 1.8.0_261
Module: Various


What version dis you have installed prior to 3.4.0 when the the problems first started? Was it a 3.2 version or a 3.3 version?

Could yo please try going into the Preferences, on the General Tab and turn the preference named ‘Disable DirectX D3D pipeline?’ on. Close and restart Vassal and see if this makes any difference.

Note that Vassal now runs with it’s own in-built version of Java, it no longer matters what Java you have installed on your system.


That fixed it thanks. I think it was a 3.3 version.