Great Battle of the American Civil War (GMT Games) - Twin Peaks, South Mountain info markers

I’ll be posting here, Consimworld and Boardgame geek discussion boards, pardon the duplication if you visit those sites.

@Derek Batchelor and I are playing South Mountain (afternoon scenario). We noticed its missing the following markers:

Abandoned artillery markers
Scout markers
Out of Ammo (artillery) … or better yet, settings on the counters like the infantry units

We’re making do, of course.

Have you contacted the maintainer of the module about this?

I don’t believe I have his direct contact information. If someone can show me how to get that, I’d be glad to contact him directly. Also, I know he frequents consimworld and board game geek where I also posted the same question.

In the past, I have found him quite responsive in those formats.

If you go to the module’s page and you’re logged in, you’ll find the maintainer’s email address.