Great Battles of History (SPQR, Alexander, etc!)

Is there anyone out there who enjoys playing GBoH, most notably SQPR, as much as I do?

If so, hit me up. I’m desperate for opponents 10 months out of the year. :frowning:

I’ve played SPQR extensively and Alexander a little bit.

Email, pm me, post here, whatever! Just get in touch if you want to set up a game, preferably live!

I live in Texas, but am willing to juggle times around!

Christopher, contact me! I love playing the great battles of history series.

I like the game series too and I’m willing to play. Although I’m based in Central Europe (Germany).

If you are still looking for more opponents, I will play.

I use Teamspeak and Skype and am in the Pacific time zone.

North Vancouver, BC

Looks like a great game! Question: what does SPQR mean? : )

lol, I just realized his post was from over 2 years ago…roflmao!!