Great Battles of the American Civil War (GMT and SPI)

I would like to find opponents for anything in the Richard Berg Terrible Swift Sword family.

Bloody April
Pea Ridge
Cedar Mountain
Pleasant Hill
3 Days of Gettysburg, 3rd Edition
Red Badge of Courage
Dead of Winter
River of Death

I know many of these are SPI titles and thus, there are no published VASSAL modules, but perhaps someone has created one “not for public use”, so I’m including these in the scope of my challenge.

I have VASSAL modules for Dead of Winter, Red Badge of Courage (1st Bull Run only, from what I understand)…

But, whether VASSAL or through other means, I also own most of the family. I’m missing only Jackson at the Crossroads/Corinth of the SPI series and TSS (3 Days of Gettysburg being a suitable replacement and improvement, I would think!). Also, I have yet to latch onto Gringo! or Battles with the Gringos, but that’s the earlier US/Mexico war, so a teeny bit out of scope.

I would love nothing better to get these all on a gaming table (or computer) before I die! Send PMs or post up!

I no longer have any of my GBACW games, though I had all the SPI ones and liked the system. I have downloaded the living rules, battle book and VASSAL mod for Glory II (Chancellorsville and Fredricksburg). Between them, everything seems to be there to play. Interested in one of them?

Your initial message said you have a VASSAL module for “Dead of Winter”. I noticed that GMT has it on sale, and I ordered it. I would be able to do that also once it arrives and I get the module from you.

@wliednm: Embarrassed to say that I’m mostly ignorant of the Glory system. A quick look on BoardGameGeek says that it’s a brigade level game (GBACW is regimental, the next step lower in scale), but both use a chit-pull command system. And both are Berg designs. Let me have a look into that (since Chancellelorsville and Fredricksburg are interesting battles). I’ll get back to you within a few days… Does the Battle Book you d/led have all the various charts needed to play or are they printed on the maps?

As for Dead of Winter, you should be able to find that module directly on the Module pages on this site; that’s where I got mine. But if all else fails, I’ll be glad to email you a copy of my source file.

Quick update: I went to GMT’s site and downloaded the 2nd Ed. Living Rules for the Glory system and will have a good read-thru. It seems it’s a GBACW Lite system with an emphasis on greater playability (something that is definitely a challenge with the GBACW series I must say!!). So, let me have a good gander, get a sense of the differences and maybe that might be a better way to go, especially for a newbie to the VASSAL system like I am.


I have Dead of Winter (GMT), and its VASSAL module, and would be interested to give a smaller scenario a try, any side as you choose, if you are still available.

I have limited experience with the GBACW system.

My email is:


Wow! After a very quiet start, “the boys” are startin’ to come pourin’ outta the hills!! :slight_smile:

Have no worries, ringofhills, I too am a total novice at all things VASSAL; and also of the new(er) GMT iteration of the GBACW. I’m recently returning to the hobby after a layoff of some three decades!!! I played the original TSS back in '76, and most of the SPI games to follow it. And I’ve managed to find copies of most of the newer GMT titles, but have little experience with the chit-pull mechanics (which I think will turn out to be a great idea, once I get to grips with it).

Anyway, I’ll be in touch over the next few days and let’s see if we can wrangle something up!

I have 3 days of Gettysburg and River of Death and would love to play them if someone would only make a VASSAL version I could play online.

Right there with ya!! I’m flabbergasted one doesn’t exist for 3DoG, at the very least!!