GTM Strategy or other wargames.


Since I have a limited board game company IRL which sticks only to euros or other euro-minatures-fighting games :neutral_face: (only game I managed them to play with military twist is Time of Crisis), I’m looking for anyone to play (or invite me to play) GTM heavy strategy/wargame titles like HiS, Succesors or else. Preferable PBEM style.

Also, I’m open to any 1 vs 1 wargames, also played by PBEM.

If anyone is interested please post here, or catch me via private message.


You might get replies to a more informative game request. By this I mean express any interests by time period or level to play strategic to tactical . such a wide range of games out there .

I’d be interested in joining a game of either of the two you mentioned.

IncompetentIdiot: If we find 2 + players we can try to open a PBEM game for Succesors or HiS (or anyother game)

From my side I would be interested in playing: Succesors, Here I stand, Pax Renessance, Men of Iron series (although I don’t have roll to hit tables for War of Roses and Arquebus, but if someone could pass them the game could be possible).

I have played many games including Hannibal which seems similar to Successors. I would be interested in a PBEM game if another player is needed. PM me info iif so thanks.

I am new to Vassal. I am willing to try any game.
Both games sound interesting.
just let me know.

Seems like enough interest to play a game of successors but would be smart if someone with more experience with game took reins? I have a lot of vassal ep. but never played this game before.