Guadalajra module problems

The Vassal module for Guadalajara has some shortcomings.

I don’t know how to fix them or I would. I’m not sure if this is a very popular module, as the published game is not one of the more popular SCS titles, but I’ll list what I find in the module in hopes that someone will fix it.

  1. There is no Division Morale Track. We used the turn track instead.
  2. The Anarchist Esp/71 3-5-6 unit is missing from the counter sheet.
  3. The DG marker is nowhere to be found. I did try to check the back of the supply marker, but flipping it isn’t allowed in the module. It really should be its own marker in the module anyway.
  4. The scan of the combat tables, etc, is low-resolution and very hard to read.

Thanks to anyone who might be interested in helping out with these.


I sent an email to Hans, the module’s creator, alerting him to this thread.


vassal mod has been updated and is on the modules page.

Thanks. We’ll test it out!