Gulf Strike?

Is anyone working on a module for VG Gulf Strike?

I have not heard of anybody, if you are going to make a mod of this, I hope I can find the game to buy.

I sold mine, thinking I would never be able to play.

Great job on Next War, the latest mod is even better than the first two!!


I bought another copy 3rd edition, if you make the mod, I would really want to play a game with you.


I’ll probably make it, but it’ll be a little while. I’m finishing up NATO {VG} right now; should be ready in a week or three. Then, if my wife doesn’t kill me, I may start scanning the maps for Gulf Strike.

Wow, I have VG NATO on the table right now playing solo.


VG NATO… Is it just my imagination, or does the CRT really suck for the attacker?

From what I have read, most players of NATO agree the CRT is bloody for the attacker, especially since the opponent chooses which units take the loss. So far I would agree.

I am playing solo, testing my “wings” you might say in this game. So the opponent is particularly ruthless. :slight_smile:


I would be totally down for some Gulf Strike. One of my favorite games.

I’m working on it… There are a ton of counters with images, so it’s taking a while. I haven’t even started scanning the 5 maps :open_mouth:.

Anyway, I just got Aegean Strike in the mail, so that’s going to be next!

Aegean Strike too! Crazy cool.