Hammer of the Scots - How many in the draw pool?

You’re supposed to draw half (round up) of the draw pool for the English levy. In the module how do you tell how many are in the pool? I know there’s probably something simple but it’s evading me.

I did not implement anything to note how many blocks were in the pool because I don’t think such a feature was available at the time I made the module. The way I do it is to make two piles from the pool as if I were dealing out 2 hands from a deck in a card game (mine, yours, mine, yours, etc). I take the first “hand”, which will have the extra card in it. I then put the other “hand” back into the draw pool.

Thanks for the reply. I read the module notes but missed that, fortunately my opponent saw it and pointed it out to me.

Great module, BTW, thanks for making it!