Hands in the Sea v1.3 - Weird glitch Emergency Levy

My opponent is new to the game… so we are playing a PBEM game using v1.3, since it automates much of the “paperwork”. At the start of his round (Roman), his Draw pile was empty. His first action was an Emergency Levy of the Ligurian infantry. A card duly appeared in his Draw Pile. He then played his Magistrate as his second Action to Draft another unit… which appeared in the Discard pile. When he clicked his Draw Card button… it should have put the Ligurian Infantry into his hand. The module did not seem to recognize the existence of that new card in the Draw Pile… it shuffled all of the card instead… and then dealt one at random. I am attaching the log file in question… Oops, I can’t… the file is too big