Hannibal/Wilderness war


I would like to improve de hannibal module to add the same feature that Wilderness war which allow to draw 7 card for the british in one click:

Global key : {DeckName==“Draw”}: the deck name is Draw

I did the same for hannibal by replacing {DeckName==“Strategy Deck”} but this do nothing. I don’t understand how this command work and how this command know it’s for the british player.

Thanks in advance for any help.


There are likely many ways to do this, but here was my approach. Each player hand has an Irregular Grid with a named region on it called “Home”, at the leftmost position in the player hand. All cards have two Send to Location traits, one for sending to the Home region in the British hand, one for into the French hand. The menu-driven card dealing system consists of GKCs that call this Send to Location keystroke on X number of cards off the deck, which are then sent to the desired player hand. Because it’s a player hand window (which has special stacking), sending multiples to the same spot isn’t a problem–each one pushes the rest over to the right.

Thanks for the reply, so which command should i do put on my GCK ?

Depends on which player is getting the cards. If your menu item is “Deal 7 cards to Rome”, then the GKC sends the Send to Location keystroke that sends cards to the Roman hand.

Thanks for your answer. it make no meaning. Vassal is nice but i really can understand how things works.

Reading ‘Dealing Random Cards to a Board’ on p78 of designer guide pdf will help.