Anyone wants to play Hannibal?

I’d love to play. Still haven’t played a vassal game, but i have played Hannibal. Are you looking for PBEM of RT?


Sure love to,I’m at -6 GMT and have soom free time most weekday evenings after 3pm.My Skpe name is jab5450.

Later, 8)

i´m in Spain, so +0GMT… i can play from 22:00 pm or so…

I am interested in a game as well. Still a rookie so got a learn it a bit. My time zone is GMT +1, anybody interested?

I’m interested too. I’m in Germany +1GMT
than faster begin than better:)

I will play. I am EST.


Are you thinking live or by email? I would be interested in either.


Live is better, I perfer interaction. maybe we can talk on skyple or chat while playing? 2 July is best near term, I am not working.

If you want an email game i gues we can start whenever.