The auto report in 2.0 doesn’t seem to report, all locations are off board.

Regards, Jeff

You mean the hannibal_en_2.vmod module?

Why don’t you try the newer Valley Games 1.2 version? I have spent a lot of time and effort to add proper reporting to that module.

Actually I was, although I own the AH version. However my opponent likes the other one so I switched over.

btw thanks for the work on the mods - wish I had the time/skills.

May I ask why your friend prefers the AH version? Does he prefer it visually or he thinks that the VG version is complicated (simple is better)?

I think it’s more of a case of it looking like the board he is used to playing with.

I see. One of the reasons that made me to make the VG version module was the problem you mention on your first post. Lack of reporting. I needed a report of everything that was happening during the game so I didn’t have to tell/write it to my opponent. In addition, in case of an argument, the reporting made things easier.