Has something changes around piece stacking or is there a new bug?


Almost looks like adding outboard test labels now affects the stacking offsets. It did not in past releases.

Which module is this? Which release is the last where you see no problem?

This is a in develop module for GOSS WaR. Release is 3.6.5.

Ok. Where can we see the module? Or, alternatively, can you provide a minimal module as a test case?

I can drop the module to you.

And what is the last release where you see no problem?

Hmmm, not sure 3.2.17 (I think) for sure. Not really sure I look in any later versions.

Please check some versions after 3.2.17 and let us know when you find the last one before the the change (or, equivalently, the first where there is a change). You can find older versions in our release archive.

Hi Joel;

So did a bit more investigating and it almost appears to be a preexisting issue.
Let see if I can explain it so you can figure out the underlying issue.
Basically, it appear to manifest itself when you us a variable (dynamic property) in the ‘Text Label’ control’s ‘Label Text’ field.

So as I explained it appears there is an additional stacking offset, or different offset calculated point.

  • See attached ‘Map Stacking Display - unexpected’
    This is the setup with a Dynamic property showing in a ‘Text label’
  • See attached ’ Trait Controls - unexpected’.

When you use the ‘Text Label’ as a simple text entry control the stacking offset seems to function correctly.

  • See attached ‘Map Stacking Display - expected’ and ’ Trait Controls - expected’

Hope this helps to narrow down the issues.
Let me know if you need more details.


Map stacking display - unexpected.png

Trait Controls - expected.png

Map stacking display - expected.png

My guess is that the cached bounds for the Text Label trait aren’t updated when the text label is, when using a dynamic property as the source of the label.

We need the module or a minimal test case to troubleshoot further.

k, module isn’t finished yet but certainly okay for any of your testing.

Can i use the addy to dropbox it too?

Yes, Dropbox is fine.

Ok, forgot this was a list. How do I get your address

It’s in my profile: uckelman@nomic.net

On its way, let me know if you need clarification on anything.

Would you put together a minimal example module that shows the problem? It would be easier to investigate with nothing extraneous present.

Ok, shared another, very striped down, version with a text case to show you the step to see the issue.

Thanks for the minimal example. We’ll have a look.

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After quite a lot of looking, we’ve figured out what’s going on with your module.

Text Labels are part of the selectable part of a piece when they have no key command for toggling their display. The Attachment Label in that prototype doesn’t have a key command set on it, which is why the label ends up as part of the seletable area.

You can work around this by setting a key command. If you don’t want one attached to an actual key, you can set a Named Key Command with some name that you won’t use anywhere else, just as a dummy.

If you still have any questions, please ask.

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