Having trouble placing meeples in Carcassonne

I’ve just started to fiddle with Carcassonne, and I’m not able to place a meeple on the most recently laid tile. The right-click “Send to current tile” option is never activated (always grayed out.) What am I doing wrong?

If this refers to the most recent module here, there is a “Module Notes” file in the Help menu that may provide clues. Failing that, I would recommend contacting the module maintainer.

EDIT: Does it help to right-click a placed tile and choose “Place Tile” first, then try your meeple pieces?

I’m the current module maintainer, and I can confirm that, as long as you right-clicked on the tile and selected Place Tile (which is necessary so the module knows to lock the tile in place and prevent any more movement), Send to current tile should work just fine. I did discover that meeples that are in stacks don’t seem to have a right-click menu, so you need to drag them to the tile instead (then the right-click menu starts working)…I’ll see if I can fix that later.

Edit: The lack of right-click menus is due to the way the module was designed (the pieces are in decks, not At-Start stacks), and changing that would be a lot of work. So, that’s going to have to remain the way it is for now.

Ah! That makes sense now. We were dragging the tile to the board instead of clicking on it.