Help choosing a module

Hello everyone, I am new to Vassal as I just discovered it existed today. As part of a class I am taking my professor sent us a .vlog file as a challenge for extra credit. After some googling I found Vassal which recognized the file. However I am having a hard time opening the file as I get the “file not a valid vassal module” error message when trying to open it as a module. I suspect that I need to proper module before I open the file itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just having a .vlog extension doesn’t mean the file is actually a vassal file. Take a look at the content of the file by opening it with a simple text editor (say, notepad on Windows). You may be able to read the contents, or spot something in there that gives you a clue about the file.

Vassal vlog files are actually just zip files, and zip files begin with “PK” as a signature. If you see PK at the start, you can rename the file to .zip and open it to see what’s inside. If it’s a Vassal file after all, you’ll see a file called moduledata, and that will tell you the name and version of the module it applies to. Good luck!